4 Things to Check Before Launching A Social Media Campaign

social media small business plan.jpgIf you run a start-up business it is likely that you will have limited funds available for marketing. For many businesses today, social media marketing has become a key part of start-up's marketing strategies as such campaigns can have a wide reach with limited spend.

A Level Playing Field

The internet and social media have helped to level the playing field between big businesses and startups. However social media is still a minefield of different variables and unfortunately, there isn’t a set formula to follow to drive desired engagement. Instead, social media takes time, knowledge and effort to perfect.

Having said that, there are some standard areas you can check to aid in minimizing social media failure. Today’s post guides you on the areas you should review before launching a social media campaign.

Set Goals

Setting goals is important in every marketing effort your business undertakes, however it is often not given enough - or any - consideration. Think about what you want your social media campaign to achieve – is it a footfall? Website hits? Likes/followers on a social media page? Online sales? Or something completely different? Try and make whatever you chose time-specific (and realistic!) so you are able to distinguish between failure and success, and to help your business in the long-term.

Divide Up Responsibility

If you are a sole-trader, then of course this isn’t applicable. However if you have more than just yourself in the business, consider who should be doing what. Does one member of your team know a lot about your products or industry and could support content creation for a blog or social media post? Do you have an employee who has photography skills that could be used to improve your social media posts?

You should designate someone in charge of responding to social media comments and messages. These channels are, after all, social and lack of engagement is an easily avoidable occurrence.

Fill Out Your Profile(s)

Make sure you fill out your social media profile(s) with as much information as possible. The more information you provide the better you will help customers understand your business, particularly if you are new. Using the right keywords or appropriate hashtags in your posts and profile descriptions will help you show up for people looking for your services. Think about what information is useful. If you own a shop, update your map, opening and parking directions. Own a restaurant? Consider uploading your menu or any special offers.

Make sure your profile pictures and header banners are of a high quality and if possible consider having specific ones made for your business. You should also try to claim vanity URLs on Facebook and Google+.

Make Sure Your Website Tick the Boxes

For many social media campaigns run by small businesses the overall aim will be to drive online sales or visits to the website. If your website is confusing, slow to load or lacks conversion drivers you are missing out converting on potential customers. Review any landing pages and check you have a solid website design that works great on desktop, tablet and mobile to improve user experience for customers once they are on your website.

Looking for Help?

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