How To Create An Effective Landing Page.

How To Create An Effective Landing Page. 


Simply put, a landing page is where online visitors would ‘arrive’ once they’ve clicked on a specific link in your email, ad or any form of targeted campaign. You’ve got around eight seconds to impress the visitor before the person leaves the site. That’s why creating an effective landing page to earn more revenue or customers is truly important.

Writing an effective landing page

Before you start writing the page, remember this – you’ve got eight seconds to impress so use unique value proposition or UVP. Think about how to convince site visitors why your product or service is unique and worth the purchase. Rather than solutions, focus on highlighting benefits, features or pain points (something that helps your customers to prevent misery) – focus on two most important points to make the page simple. The key to writing a great landing page even if it is your company’s home page is to make it short, clear and easy to understand (you’re targeting people from all walks of life). Forget about cliché tag lines like “exceeding customer expectations” – they don’t work anymore.

To attract attention, use killer headlines, subheadings and tidy visuals like pictures and videos. Bold, big fonts and bullets are two ways to gain the immediate attention of site visitors. The key purpose of a landing page is to gain additional customers and increase more sales so don’t forget to include the CTA or call-to-action buttons.

Make sure that they’re clearly visible and easily clickable. Using colours like green and ensuring there is ample white space around the buttons are ways to make sure the buttons are clearly visible. Also, ensure the background colour of your site doesn’t blend with the button colours – go for contrasting background colours instead to gain visitors' attention. Also, think about using active phrases like "Purchase Now" or "Sign Up Now" to spur visitors to action.

Displaying social proof on your landing page

shutterstock_255231712.jpgSocial proof like customer testimonials is a great way to gain site visitor attention immediately. You can also put up trust badges or "likes" links from social media channels to convince site visitors about your product's popularity and trustability.

There's no point in having a great landing page if it's not mobile-friendly or with a great resolution layout. With over 30 percent of web activity reported to come from mobile gadgets, make sure the page is mobile-friendly for gaining more customers and increasing sales. At Kommand we offer a website building platform for creating websites that are mobile-friendly at an affordable price, why not check out our packages. Prices start from £9 per month with no contract. 

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