Time to rebrand your website?

Time to re-brand your website?

So you have a website… But does it perform well? Does it provide excellent customer experience and most importantly convert visitors into buyers? If your website looks old and a bit tired maybe it is time to consider rebranding?

Re-design or re-develop?

It's always about grabbing and keeping the interest of your target market. A re-design or even a small website refresh can vastly improve your customer’s browsing experience and reveal the real benefits of your brand. A website re-development offers a perfect opportunity to introduce up-to-date content and functionality that leads to higher ranking on search engines such as Google and higher ROI. However, if you are a small business owner it can be quite tricky to stay ahead of the competition, especially if your competitor’s marketing spend is a lot higher than yours. So how to compete against the bigger players on the market?

What are the key benefits of Kommand?

Kommand is an easy and affordable website building tool which can make your business site live in minutes. It allows you creating professional, functional, feature rich and mobile friendly websites without any programming knowledge. All you need is a well written content, a few good images and a computer.

From only £15 a month you will have a full control of your own website which means you will be able to add and edit content without paying extra to a web design agency. You will be able to change various images and messages on your website 24 hours a day whenever is convenient to you. In addition, you will be able to post blogs and integrate your website with social media platforms. Did we mention that there is no contract? So what happens if you want to stop using Kommand? It’s simple! All you need to do is take your content, web domain and cancel direct debit. Try out Kommand today! Find the best package for your business and create your website in minutes!

Would you like to improve your website’s rankings on search engines?

Did you know that Kommand is continuously renewed and updated with the most recent security and search engine optimization features? Kommand can help you to improve your website’s position on Google and all of the major search engines online.

No time to redevelop a website?

No problem! For a small fee our team can build a website for you! Click here and see what do we offer.

See some of the templates today and build your own professional looking website.


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