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email marketing.jpgFollowing on from our post on a recent Mail Chimp update we received a few questions from some of the businesses we support looking more information about email marketing. We thought we would pass on this information for everyone else by putting... Read more

mailchimp.pngAt Kommand we like to keep up to date with any developments in APIs we integrate into our system. We recently got news of a new Mail Chimp feature we think our clients could benefit from - Product Recommendations - and wanted to pass the information on to Read more

shutterstock_302360264.jpgWhether you are just starting your business, or an experienced player in your field, if you don't use email marketing yet, you are seriously missing a trick. Not just from a digital marketing point of view, but from an analytical side too. The data... Read more

MAKES (1).jpgEmail newsletters are one of the oldest, most tried and tested ways of promoting a website - but it's a technique that still works extremely well. By building a solid list of subscribers, and regularly emailing them with news or special offers... Read more