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Have you always wanted to sell your own products online but think it is too difficult to set up an online store?

Granted, you are correct in thinking Ecommerce websites are much more complicated than starting your own brochure website. However advances in web design and development have introduced platforms you can use to build an online store without needing any coding and programming knowledge. 

If you are thinking about giving up your day job, or running a business on the side, an online store is a perfect way to sell products without needing to pay for premises. But what should you consider before you become an Ecommerce entrepreneur? Here's our tips.

Get in the Know 

The first step in your quest to set up an online shop is to learn as much as you can about your industry. You can do this simply by looking at your potential competitors' websites and understand what they sell and do. You could even buy from the website to find out how easy the process is and make a note of any problems you come across or additions that would benefit your customer experience. It may also be beneficial to attend trade shows in your industry and gather business cards of potential suppliers and other businesses selling similar products to yours.

Get Your Offer and Product Right

You should also consider your business's USP. What is it that sets you apart from your competitors? Why should they shop with you? Perhaps your products are bespoke, you offer free shipping or extended returns. Whatever it is you need to promote this message to help engage and convert potential customers.

Marketplaces Versus Online Store

Marketplaces such as those on eBay and Amazon are an easy and cost effective way to sell online. The disadvantage of this method is the lack of control; your store could be closed down if you are not following the strict policies. Another disadvantage you will face selling this way is the high number of competitors your business will face. The large number of competing shops results in a price competition, pushing margins for everyone.

An online store will give you much more freedom to create a brand, style your website to your requirements and a way to be less focused on price.

Keep on Top of Costs

If you are starting out, chances are your business will need to be tight on costs. You will want to find a balance between your technology and marketing spend. A low cost solution might be the best route to follow; you can always upgrade in the future.

Don't Forget About Marketing

You are highly unlikely to make any sales if people don't know about your business. Set up social media channels, promote your products to relevant publications and bloggers and learn some basic SEO to get your site in the know. If you have allocated some of your budget to online marketing you may also benefit from starting display or remarketing ads.

Kommand Online Shop Builder

Kommand offer online shop packages at the following prices:


Our Mini packages allows you to add up to 100 products, Plus up to 500 and Pro up to 1000 products.

To join the Kommand family and see how easy it can be to set up your website, visit our Tour page.

Alternatively if you want to speak to someone about your business you can reach us: support@kommand.me or call us: 

Glasgow: 0141 345 2130 

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