The 10 Best Websites to Find FREE Stock Photographs

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"An image speaks a thousand words."

So the saying goes, and quite rightly so. Images online have proven time and time again to be effective at engaging potential customers with a recent statistic stating "coloured visuals increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%." In all areas from social media and email marketing to blog posts and website design, the images you choose can reduce your bounce rate and prompt people to browse your website.

Which Images Should You Use On Your Website?

If possible it is always best to use your own high quality photographs. Many people can detect stock photography and it is to difficult to build a trust and warmth towards your brand (especially if you are a start-up!) if you are using other people's photos.

Putting this aside it is understandable that when you are setting up a website for the first time you may use stock images as a quick and effective option that will keep you on the right side of copyright laws. Over time you may invest in hiring a photographer to take photos of your office or services. You may also use stock images to bring a level of professionalism to your business.

There are websites which charge premium prices for their images however there are also hundreds of other websites which have free (or cheap) images you can use. It is just a matter of knowing where to look.

You can learn about copyright on images in this post we wrote back in July which explains the different types of photo licenses and how you can use them.

If you are looking for free images to use on your website whether for banner images or to spruce up your blog posts, here are ten websites you can try.

1. FindA.Photo

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FindA.Photo has a range of different images split into categories. You can also search by colour which is useful if your branding has a particular palette it uses. Using similar colours across your website will help to portray a cohesive feel regardless of the page the user is on. 

2. Allthefreestock

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All the free stock acts like a directory of different websites which have free pictures. It also includes free videos, mock-ups, sound effects and colour inspiration; perfect for those starting their website from scratch and are unsure of their branding.

3. Stock Up

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Stock Up has a great range of all genres and types of images including still life, people, places, textures, etc.

4. PicJumbo


PicJumbo has images in a variety of different categories such as fashion and architecture. Their search feature allows you to search for quote specific images such as "iphone 6" or "man pouring champange"

5.  Unsplash


Unsplash has a particular style of photography with a dreamy, filtered look which could be perfect for banner images on a website.

6. Pexels


Pexels update their website with 20 new images every day which is perfect if you have already exhausted the offers from other websites.

7. ISO Republic

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ISO Republic have a wide choice of photographs, including many flat-lay photos of food and tech.

8. Gratisography


Gratisography have a unique style to their photography. All images are very eye-grabbing which could be ideal to use for social media posts.

9. Moveast


Moveast have a lot of food and culture photos. They also have photo sets of particular events, for example marathons or festivals.

10. Start Up Stock Photos

start up stock.jpg 

Start Up Stock Photos focus on small business and office. The website isn't updated as often but could be great for a small business or agency looking for photos of macs or meeting rooms.

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