How To Pick The Right Target Market For Your Business.

Before going into how to pick a target market, the first thing to think about is whether you have a lovely, user-friendly website with the right voice for the services or products you offer. In today’s world, no business is going to do well or even survive long without online presence. What’s more, you don’t require special graphic design or computer programming skills when you use a website building platform like Kommand.

Gather more information and do some research for your target market

shutterstock_328808282.jpgAnalyse your existing customers especially the loyal ones – break into categories after determining their common traits like age group, gender and occupation. Also, find out about your competitors and their respective customers. Perhaps, there might be a particular niche that was missed out by your competitors. Focus on this niche to market your products or services and gain a special group of customer base. If there is no such particular niche, then think about how to market your services or products better to the similar category of people as your competitors.

Think about what you can offer to whom

A problem-solving business has the potential to gain a great customer base. For example, you can set up a baby-sitter business, targeting full-time working moms with an age range of 25 to 35. As you know, there are many others who offer the same baby-sitter service. So think about how to make your business different from others – offering something that would appeal to your customers. For example, you can include an extra service like taking cute photos of the child in your advertisement. Put up the photos for your customers to see on their respective social sites - this would please working moms and assure them that their children are fine.

Marketing your products or services

Create personas or imaginary people to represent various groups of customers based on buying decisions, location and behaviours. Add as much information like income, age and gender about these personas as possible. Personas help you gain information about the type of customers who buy from you and aim for new customers based on various segments. Think about creating one persona for every segment to gain more information about your customers.

Social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are great places to put up your photos, videos and advertise your value-added services. You can target specific groups based on location, age, “likes” and gender.

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