New Features in Kommand

We have been busy since Christmas, adding and updating Kommand with great features to make your website better and more interactive. All these great features go out to all Kommand websites automatically. Yes for free!!!

So what website features have we updated? 

Google Translate - add the widget and change the language to any available on Google, it will change the menu, text and all headings on your site.

Twitter Timeline - add your twitter timeline to you site, you can control how many are shown at a time, great for interacting with your social media.

Facebook Timeline - add your Facebook timeline to your site like the twitter one.

Latest Blog Posts - add you 3 latest blog posts to the front of your site, great for visitors to interact with your blog quickly.

RSS Feed - send multiple RSS feeds from your blog and categories of your blog, great for feeding your social media.

Bread Crumb - add a bread crumb navigation to help your visitors navigate around your website.

Light Box - add light box images to any image or text on you website, allows you to display single or multiple images in a great looking light box on your website.

Why not try some of these great features? If you are not using Kommand try it out today. Click on the link and start building your website.