Promote your business using World Cup fever

Are you watching the World Cup in Brazil this year? Which football team do you support?

Although Suarez has bitten off more than he can chew this time, it doesn't mean you can't have a bigger bite of the apple during the World Cup Brazil 2014. This year’s tournament has already seen some exciting moments and has abducted the strict attention of millions of viewers from across the globe. However, even if you are not a passionate football fan, don't underestimate the impact this event can have on your business.

World Cup Special Offers

For customers to feel like they've won a penalty every time they score a goal is going to generate plenty of interest. Buy one get one free offers are always delightful from the consumers point of view. But by using the 'World Cup' as the reason for this incentive, people never strive too far away from the characteristics of cattle and walk right in. A global event always seems to add a great deal of legitimacy for these special offers, making customers more susceptible.

Temporary website renovation

This immediately catches the imagination of your customers and lets them know you've got a heart filled with passion and potentially a sense of humour. By decorating the site in your flag's colours, you are making your customers feel that they belong to something. You could even be more subtle with your digital decorating and apply the changes to only buttons or links.

Get involved into the World Cup!

If you and your business are connected to social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, don't pass this opportunity to awaken your customers. Watch the games and cheer your audience, encourage others via your status updates and invite them to comment and share their opinions.

Conditional deals

Social media sites will prove to be a massive help in this case, so if you don't already have an account, set one up! Offering great deals based on half time or full time scores is a great way to keep people following your updates. 

Don't have a website?

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