The Secrets to A Successful Landing Page

shutterstock_305259470.jpgIn today’s world of mobile technology, there is no denying the importance of online presence for the success of any business, immaterial of its size or even location.

Some business owners may think that having a wonderful company website with great online visibility, attractive web design, easy navigation features and superb content is more than sufficient.

That might have been the case a couple of years ago, but not any longer. In today’s world, competition among various businesses is intense. Not only are great websites necessary, but killer landing pages (also called as landers or lead capture pages) are also vital for generating sales, referrals and leads.

But how do you create a landing page that works? Here's our tips.

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Landing Page for Your Website

A landing page is where a site visitor arrives after clicking on an ad or some other icon or link. For many businesses it is their homepage however there are also instances when clicking on ads or search engine results can lead to other pages of a website. If your business sells products or services you may want to treat each page as a landing page specific to that product or service.

1. Clean, Visually Appealing Design

The design for a landing page should preferably be simple, clean and visually appealing to site visitors. The use of subheaders, buttons, images, headers and other items for creating a professional lander is vital.

2. Use Contextual Images

A great tip to creating a successful page is using contextual images, something that is a key web design trend these days. Contextual images refer to images of your company’s products within the context of your site visitors’ lives. In today’s rushing world, visual images that convey specific messages are becoming more and more appealing to online users.

3. Include Videos

It can also be a good idea to include a video that shows your business's USP or product or service in use. The overall aim of a landing page is to reduce bounce rate by quickly engaging your site visitors. Often the user will have landed on your website looking for information or a solution to a problem. If your landing page can quickly show that it will deliver these requests then it is more likely to be a success.

4. Make the Site Mobile Responsive

Another great tip is to make sure that the page is mobile responsive so that the page fits nicely into a tablet or smartphone screen during viewing. When deciding on a web designer or website builder you should check if the final website will be mobile responsive.

5. Include Testimonials

Including testimonials, star ratings and recommendations is also a great way to make your landing page engaging. These also give your business credibility and are a proven way to improve conversion rates.

Driving Traffic to Your Landing Page

Once you are happy with your landing page you then need to work towards driving online traffic to it. One way is to send the said page to subscribers as part of your company’s email campaign. Another great way is to post the page link on various social networking sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook. Ask a good writer to create a blog post that provides valuable information, which connects to your company’s product and then, link the post to the page.

For ensuring that your page can be found by online or mobile users using organic search, adjust relevant SEO settings. Another great way to drive online traffic to your lander is to create PPC ad campaigns on major search engines and link them to your page. Though this is actually an old idea, but it still works very well especially when it comes to new products or product promotion campaigns.

Start with a Great Website

Remember that the key purpose of the page is to get visitors to click a hyperlink for a certain action like subscribing to your company’s newsletter or buying something from your online shop. If you don’t have prior experience creating web pages or landing pages, you can use a website building platform like Kommand. We have ready to use professional templates or alternatively we can build a powerful and suitable website from scratch aimed at generating leads, sales and referrals.