What is the Buzz about Content Marketing?

Have you heard about a content marketing and the benefits of it? How can it improve your online business and why is the content marketing so important? If you have an online business then it is vital to attract potential and existing customers to your website and encourage them to buy from you. A well written content for your website can help to improve the SEO and attract the desired target audiences.

What is a content marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating valuable content to your target market groups.
The content marketing enables you to create a dialogue between your brand and your customer. It requires a clear strategy, creativity and consistency. In order to create an effective content marketing strategy and boost your SEO you need to research your target market, their buying behaviour and the gaps or opportunities within your market.
Content Marketing tells you not only about the product, but also its uses and the benefits to the customer. What will they gain if they bought your service or product?

Why content marketing?

Yes, it looks pretty. Yes the neighbour has one. Yes it does appear to have some useful functions. But why should I buy it? Pretty, useful, and neighbour envy are all well, but if the marketer can make me see why I should buy the product, because they demonstrate what it can be used for, and how it will benefit me, I am far more likely to say - HEY! PERFECT!

Can your product make my life better?

We are used to people trying to sell us stuff. This has gone on throughout the ages, and as time goes by we have become way more sophisticated when it comes to advertising products. It's no longer enough to say "you need this". We need to know why we need it, how this product can make our life better, how it can fit in with our lifestyle comfortably.

What motivates a customer to buy?

A well written website content considers the product from the customer’s point of view, not the retailers. Yes the retailer will benefit if we buy their product, but is that the reason we buy something? No. We buy a product because the retailer has shown us how it will benefit us, how our lives will improve if we have this product in our home. A difference between the effective content marketing and the retailer who only wants us to buy the product to boost their sales, is that the first retailer believes in its product, and we should too. So we buy. Willingly, happily, and are satisfied doing so.