Why choose Responsive Web Design?

The sheer possibility to access the internet from a multitude of platforms is making it imperative for businesses to have websites that are friendly across different gadgets. From mobile phones and desktops to tablets and netbooks, you must have your site optimised for a range of platforms. Why is responsive design important? So that your customers enjoy a seamless and hassle-free user experience, no matter what device they use. Thanks to responsive web design, you can now ensure your websites adapt to all gadgets, without the need for an exclusive design for every new wifi accessible device that hits the market. 

What are the advantages that the responsive web design can bring to your businesses? 

Nowadays, electronic devices allow users to easily switch from the traditional portrait orientation to the popular landscape orientation within seconds. With responsive web design, you can create images that automatically adjust to different screen sizes. This will give the possibility for users to instantly switch from portrait and landscape without ruining the browsing experience in the same device. Similarly, your users can have the same experience while switching from a desktop computer to a mobile device. Though responsive web design gives the possibility to accommodate every aspect of your content to different screen sizes, it is always recommended to follow the best practices for mobile platforms such as more focused content, easy navigation and using rows or lists instead of columns. 

Another great advantage with responsive web design is that it can significantly improve the visibility of your website. Since your website will have the same HTML and URL for all platforms, it will be easily found by search engines. In fact, Google, the search engine Goliath, endorses this configuration as responsive web design simplifies crawling, indexing and organising of your web content, leading to higher search engine rankings. Also there are other options like creating media queries and scripts that can automatically reformat web pages and mark ups, which again will enhance the user experience of your site. So by making smart use of responsive web design for your business, you can certainly reach more target audience and earn more profits.

What is on offer?

We give you the freedom to create your website or choose to have us do it for you. All of our websites are mobile responsive, so you can enjoy the benefits right away! 

A great selection of packages are available starting from £9 per month and they all include a free .co.uk domain name. All of our websites are created with Google friendly architecture and you can choose to include features such as a blog, contact form, Twitter timeline feed and integration with Google maps.

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