Why You Should Consider Adding Live Chat To Your Website

Back in 2001, Daft Punk had it down. We want everything better than yesterday and faster than ever before. With the rise and repeated rise of the digital landscape we want answers immediately, we are constantly searching and asking questions.

Step in Live Chat.

Customers can chat to a representative of your company right there on your website to get instant answers before making a purchase. People are making less calls to each other and using messenger services more to the extent 34 BILLION WhatsApps are sent daily.

It is also more convenient to the user. We are also in the age of convenience where we hate being stuck on hold and would rather be alerted when our queries have been answered. And wince Wi-Fi is everywhere now, people can have better data than phone signal, making chat options easier than calls. This also works for the business owner. Your chat agents can help multiple people at the same time, increasing productivity and sales!

In our multicultural world, Live Chat also breaks down the language barrier should there be one where the customer and operator do not speak the same first language. You can also send helpful links to the customer, directing them exactly where to go when they’re stuck on your website.

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But what happens when the office is closed?

It’s unrealistic, especially for the small business owner, to be on hand 24/7. Adding Live Chat to your website will give the impression you are always there to help. If there are no agents online to help, your customers can leave frustrated and disappointed. If you add a chat service to your website, make sure to add auto replies when offline. These can include a link to your help centre, advise of staffed hours or give them the chance to leave a question and email address for their question to be answered as soon as your team are back online. Always give your customers some options so they don’t feel ignored. We all hate being ignored!

There are so many options now to go ahead with your Live Chat services which range dramatically in cost and features. Some popular ones available are LiveChat, Zendesk and our favourite Intercom.

Not sure if it’s for your company’s website? Have a look at some businesses who use it and interact with them. Hey, while you’re here, say hi to us on our Live Chat!


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