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Why your Small Business Needs a Blog. Posted

shutterstock_301366778.jpgBlogging is very personal this means you can connect with your customers and potential customers on another level. It is a platform to be real, it provides a great sense of trust for viewers. This is the ideal platform to get across your point. Read more

social media small business plan.jpgIf you run a start-up business it is likely that you will have limited funds available for marketing. For many businesses today, social media marketing has become a key part of initial marketing strategies as such campaigns can have a wide reach with... Read more

What Motivates Customers to Buy? Posted

what motivates customers to buy.jpgUnderstanding the psychology behind what makes customers want to buy is important in helping to improve your sales figures. If you are able to tap into the motivation behind purchases you can tailor your marketing better and improve your chance of... Read more

email marketing.jpgFollowing on from our post on a recent Mail Chimp update we received a few questions from some of the businesses we support looking more information about email marketing. We thought we would pass on this information for everyone else by putting... Read more

restaurant website builder.jpgNowadays it is now very unusual for a business not to have some sort of presence online. With improved connectivity and the advances in smartphone technologies most people now use the internet to source information, and having your business available... Read more