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Live Chat.JPGWe want everything better than yesterday and faster than ever before. With the rise and repeated rise of the digital landscape we want answers immediately, we are constantly searching and asking questions. Read more

shutterstock_227545372.jpgBy January 2018, it will no longer be legal to charge customers for making credit or debit card payments. As part of a EU directive, the UK are also banning charges added to American Express, Apple Pay and Paypal transactions. Read more how one small business can make a big impact on social media to push sales and increase revenue. You'll fall in love with Love Restored just like we did. Read more

Do What You Love Started a business and wondering how your competitors manage to get their websites onto that coveted first page of Google? Ranking highly for search terms such as ‘personal trainer + [your location]’ can greatly benefit your business by increasing your m…  Read more

Do You Really Need a Website? Posted

Kommand, Do You Really Need a Website?Does your business need a website? Whether you’re a freelance photographer, a caterer or a personal trainer, your business needs an online presence. How do you plan to grow and find new customers? We’ve looked at a few reasons why investing... Read more