How Kommand can help you kick start your e-commerce retail business.


why kommand blog post cove rpic.jpgIf you are new to our website Kommand then let us tell you a bit about how the platform works and what we can offer you for your start-up company.

Kommand is a budget website builder that is the perfect foundation for any small business that is starting out and wants to test the water with their products or services and have a website that provides information for potential customers to view. It is the ideal option if you don’t have months to wait for a specially made website, Kommand allows you to play about with certain design templates and features in a manner that suits your overall sector best. For any retailer this is a great option to start with, Kommand offer visually appealing and well laid out, easy to navigate websites that do the job. If technical things aren’t your thing and you want it to be easy for you to control and monitor, then Kommand is for you.


With a range of responsive themes, you are sure to find one to suit your business, a great example if you are struggling to choose is the first option our list – A clear white background is always the best option if you want your website to come across as almost effortless. A white background gives the sense of simplicity and it is almost calming to look at and won’t take away from what you are trying to sell, which is the main aim of the website.  


This theme allows you to upload your logo, the white background will allow this to stand out as it is featured in the centre of the page at the top, so it will be the first thing potential customers will notice. The menu bar is also a great way for people to go to exactly what they are looking for without being lost amongst clutter, simple options such as Home, About, Shop, Contact, perhaps if you are selling products a delivery and returns section would be helpful and an FAQ section.


With features that allow your contact details to be clear, social media an option to include a blog which is a great tool for any retail company – If you are in for example the beauty, fashion sector then including a blog to showcase how bloggers or customers style items to give potential customers inspiration will give them comfort in seeing items that aren’t on models as this can be quite intimidating and off putting for a number of customers. The subscribe button option is a great way to get potential or current customers to provide their details in order to send newsletters which allows you to send them information straight to their inbox regarding any sales, promotions, new stock, an overall great way to get more sales.

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