How to create effective landing pages?

Have you ever wondered how to develop an effective landing page for your website? Did you know that creating strong content marketing strategies can boost your websites rankings and get more traffic for your page?

A well written landing page is a pillar of your website’s marketing. We have gathered a few content marketing tips to help you create efficient landing pages and attract more visitors to your website.

1. Clear and Crisp Content

They don't call it conversion for nothing. Your landing page has to convince the visitor. So use every inch of space, but air out your paragraphs, simplify your forms, streamline your order process and focus on one idea per page.

Whatever your line of business, when you operate online, your main goal and interest is content marketing. Colour, shape, size, function, contrast and relevance to the general theme of the website and image you're trying to depict on the landing page should be your primary concern for every new button and image.

2. Less is More

When it comes to the landing page, the first thing you should do to achieve your content marketing goal is to avoid pop-ups. Once that's out of the way, you can focus on the text. Display main points concerning your product or service and write about its benefits to the customer. Frame these bullet points at the eye level, with any relevant but non-critical information placed lower on the page, so that it is still accessible with a simple scroll, yet not cluttering your main visual frame.

3. Flash Those Trust Signals

Trust signals make a good landing page even better. From relevant partner logos and accreditations to customer testimonials, 'Likes' and star ratings. These trust signals capitalize on your most inexpensive and most far-reaching content marketing tools of all time: alliances and word-of-mouth.

4. Go Mobile

Optimize your landing page for handheld devices. Mobile-friendly sites enjoy tremendous rates of conversion, which is mainly due to the fact that more than a half of all websites are accessed remotely, according to CNN. In addition, people do switch from one device to the other or bookmark their websites so that they could access them from a PC.

5. Take it for a Test Drive First

You've done your part. You've tweaked every inch and pixel of your landing page to ensure that it complies with content marketing etiquette. Now put your landing page to the test! There are online analysers lining up to offer you free trials, and they know exactly what to look for.

If you need any help or advice creating a website or developing a landing page contact team and see how we can help.