How to Develop An Effective ‘About Us’ Page?

SEO Client.jpgContent marketing is one of the key features in developing your SEO strategy and achieving high ranking results on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Internet browsers are looking for the relevant information about your products and services in order to compare the price, quality and ethos of your company.

How to Create High Quality ‘About Us’ Page?

When developing the content of an online business's ‘About Us’ web page, there are a few useful tips and pointers from content marketing experts which everyone should bear in mind.

Every online business is unique in its own way: the first job of the person or team crafting this crucial landing page on a company's website, therefore, is to ensure that the uniqueness of the business shines through and makes your landing page truly representative of your brand, mission and corporate values. More often than not we tend to trust a formula we are accustomed to, so we recommend not going crazy with over the top claims and exclamation marks. In terms of brand trust, another good idea is to integrate your own promotional blurb with a few selected customer feedback comments or reviews; that way potential new customers will be able to see the extent of satisfaction you can deliver and judge your business positively.

When developing the ‘About Us’ page for your business website, bear in mind that this page is often the most visited. This is because people, and we mean potential customers, seek out information about a product or service provider before parting with their hard-earned cash. Therefore the content and structure must come across as convincing, inviting, and trustworthy. Dodgy html and beige page backgrounds do not convey the idea of a dynamic business, despite of what the blurb (content text) actually claims about the business itself. So practice what you preach and deliver an eye-catching page that says "this business matters".

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy in Place?

The content marketing strategy you choose is up to you, but there are ways to make sure that your ‘About Us’ page stands out and ranks high in search results. SEO basics should become the ABC of every online business owner, whether an old hand or a budding e-entrepreneur; however, as the rules of the game keep changing, it is recommended that business website owners and managers keep up with SEO trends. The key to the efficient SEO strategy is to create a high quality and engaging content with keywords, links, meta-descriptions and title tags.

Last but not least, ensure that your About Us page includes full and up-to-date contact details: nothing is more disappointing than to find an out of date landline number and an old postal address, or a generic 'info' email address.

Tailor your About Us web page content - make it personal, proactive. Make it reach out to your existing and potential customers. Finally, these days e-commerce is all about networking: make sure your About Us page features your business's social handles and Skype details if applicable.

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