Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Building a website can be a daunting prospect. Regardless of the industry you operate in a crucially important step to the success of your site is the usability. Keep this in mind and you will be on the right path to satisfying your customers' needs online, decreasing your bounce rate and improving your conversions.

Keep the Customer In Mind!

A problem that some web designers run into is that they forget who the website is being created for, yes design is important but practicality and usability for the customer is ultimately more important.

In this article we've outlined five web design mistakes to avoid on your website.

1. Poor Readability

Readability is a crucial part of your web design. Yes, design can help in grabbing attention but if the text is difficult to read users won't hand around. Improve your users' reading experience by assessing your colour scheme, font choice and font size. Colours can affect how easy text is to read and overly cursive or small fonts will be more challenging that simple, larger text. 

2. Image Size

Image size can have a massive impact on your website's performance and the user experience. If your images are too big your website might take a long time to load and you risk losing customers who aren't patient enough to wait. If your images are too small you can lose the quality which can damage the perception of your brand.

3. Unorganised Layout & content

The structure of your content will improve the customer journey throughout your site. Start by making sure you have a sensible menu with appropriate categories and all the necessary pages: Homepage, Contact, About, etc. Make sure all your links work and that there are links in appropriate places.

As for your content you should break up large chunks of text with headings as most people will skim a page rather than read it. You may also benefit from using bullet points where appropriate and considering the margins between images and text to improve readability.

Another tip is to set someone the task of being the 'website gardener'. Every month or so ask them to go through all pages of the website and remove or update any inaccurate or out-of-date content. Own a restaurant and still have your Christmas menu up? It's time to take it down. Does your business say you have 15 years' experience when you now have 20? Do you refer to last year as 2015? Keeping information like this up to date improves the experience of your user. 

4. Poor User Experience on Mobile

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a desktop version of a website on a mobile device. Buttons are small, text is small and it requires a lot of screen pinching, swiping and patience to find what you are looking for. Mobile usage is quickly overtaking desktop and not having a responsive website today simply isn't as accepted. Lower your bounce rate by using a website theme that looks and works great on any device.

5. Overly Complicated Forms

OK, there may be something more annoying than a website that doesn't work on a mobile or tablet: A form that is too complicated to fill out or doesn't work.  

Does Your Current Site Need an Upgrade?

If your current website falls into any of these traps then it might be time for an update. Kommand make it quick and straightforward to upgrade your website. For more information please get in touch: 

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