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Live Chat.JPGWe want everything better than yesterday and faster than ever before. With the rise and repeated rise of the digital landscape we want answers immediately, we are constantly searching and asking questions. Read more

Themes - Which Layout To Choose Posted

Web LayoutYou’ve taken the plunge to build your own website (excellent decision, might I add) and the first step is to choose your theme. This is probably the hardest decision you’ll have to make outright with a lot of factors to consider when asking what do you wa Read more

Psychology and Web Design Posted

ColourwheelPsychology can come in to play a lot more than you think when users are scrolling through your site. You can evoke feelings of excitement or relaxation depending on your demographic and industry you are marketing to. Using psychology is the easiest way Read more

How Important Is Responsive Design? Posted

shutterstock_360350465.jpgThere is no denying if you wish your business to be successful online, you need to have a mobile-optimised site, which you can easily build using Kommand’s platform.  Read more

kommand website drive business.jpgToday, an online presence is vital to the success of any business. Companies, both large and small without a digital strategy have little chance of their business performing as well as competitors who have powerful websites. A great website is the core... Read more