Social Media

social media small business plan.jpgIf you run a start-up business it is likely that you will have limited funds available for marketing. For many businesses today, social media marketing has become a key part of initial marketing strategies as such campaigns can have a wide reach with... Read more

shutterstock_249975076.jpgToday's work environment is relaxed and easy going. One reason why companies are moving in this direction is that research that has established that such a relaxed work environment increases team morale by up to 53% and performance by up to 20%. This... Read more

linkedin social media strategy.jpgYou may not have fully pursued LinkedIn, dismissing it as a fancier, less-fun version of Facebook. However LinkedIn can provide a great tool for your small business, and getting your head around it can add yet another axle to strengthening your... Read more

instagram.jpg Since its launch in 2010, Instagram - the photo based social media netowork - has managed to effectively put its stamp on the digital market, now boasting over 300 million monthly active users. The platform has proven a popular platform for both customer Read more

How to Use Technology to Boost your SME Posted

Technology SME.jpgSMEs play important role in the UK’s economy, accounting for well over half of private sector employment. That being said, half of them still fail within five years due to a lack of forecast or planning. In order to ensure that their business does not... Read more