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Website Theme or Custom Designed Website? Posted

Are You Looking.jpgIf you currently run a small business, or wish to make the jump into self-employment in 2016, a website will be a key element to building your brand. Even if you are not planning to sell online, it is pretty much essential that your business has a... Read more

The Secrets to A Successful Landing Page Posted

shutterstock_305259470.jpgLanding pages are a key point in your website design. Understanding and designing them correctly can boost your click through and conversion rates. Find out more in this blog post... Read more

How to Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes Posted

web design mistakes.jpgWe've all seen them, websites which are so confusing we can't figure out how to navigate around them. Our eyes are scanning an overcrowded page looking for that piece of information which was promised. How long do you give yourself before you close the... Read more