Website Design

Online Shopping Bounce Rate.jpgAccording to recent research by a UK independent web research company, nearly 68% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts. This equates to only 1 in 4 finishing their check-out process and a lot of lost revenue for your eCommerce business... Read more

How to Use Technology to Boost your SME Posted

Technology SME.jpgSMEs play important role in the UK’s economy, accounting for well over half of private sector employment. That being said, half of them still fail within five years due to a lack of forecast or planning. In order to ensure that their business does not... Read more

Small Business Website.jpgNowadays many consumers will expect your business to have a website, regardless of the business's size. Consumers look to the web to find out more information about your products or services or to make a purchase online. Unfortunately, many websites are.. Read more

How to Create an Effective Homepage Posted

Homepage ContentYour website’s homepage is important for a number of reasons. Alongside your About Page, the Homepage is often the most visited page and is where users will go to get an overview of your website. Think of your Homepage as your business’s business card... Read more

Navigation Internal Linking.jpgThe design of your website’s navigation affects how well search engines determine the importance of each page. Simply put, the more often a page is linked to, the better your site's SEO and the higher it should rank in search engine result pages... Read more