How to create effective Content Marketing for the Festive Season?

Are you ready for the Christmas Season?

Time of the year always influences the writing style of content marketing. This is visible on both online and offline promotional materials. Shops transform their windows and websites with Christmas decorations adding a touch of festive glamour to their products and services.  People get into the festive mood and start thinking about Christmas presents and New Year celebrations. As the festive period approaches consumers start looking for the Christmas presents, promotions and deals. 

Statistics suggest that people tend to search for the Christmas presents online as it is less stressful and it’s easier to compare the prices. In order to be ranking high on search engines such as Google it is vital to prepare your website’s content and promotional materials in accordance to Christmas. However, not everyone transforms their web presence according to the season. Those who do, gain more visitors, traffic, clients and most of all - trust.

How the Festive Season Influences Keywords?

How the festive season influences websites, traffic and keywords? Let us concentrate on the keywords for a start:

The first thing that happened during the holiday season is that people know they have a holiday - no work, means more time for the family and less stress. This shows in their Google and Bing searches as the topics researched are more positive and festive.

Content marketing must also change, just like the target groups change. Here is how the keywords should change:

- Research the keywords one week prior to the holiday season.
- Research the keywords that were on top of the charts the previous year.
- Plan the content before the season starts and start grooming the texts before it's too late.

How Is Website Traffic Influenced by the Festive Season?

The best content marketing for the festive season involves, as always, a pint of psychology. How do people change during that time? They have more free time, they are more positive, they often have a vacation in mind and they have to buy presents.

Preparing both gifts and trips takes at least a week before the season itself. Holiday-related websites have traffic increased during this time. Same is valid for products that can be bought as a gift, accommodation offers and similar. Cooking websites with recipes are also influenced positively by the commotion.

The Best Practices for Festive Season Content Marketing:

- Plan your content at least a month in advance.
- Change your keywords so they fit - owning a store? Put the word "gift" before each new content article.
- Observe how the traffic changes and what's the new back of the season - some of the usual products and topics will go lower while new ones might pop-up "out of nowhere".
- Check out the competition as well.
- Add bonus apps - location-based searches and festivities-related featured articles.

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