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The Importance of Digital to UK Businesses Posted

Business Ideas.jpgDoes your business have a website? UK small and medium businesses can unlock £18.8bn in revenues in the digital economy. Yet, UK businesses have been slow to act - only 13% of businesses with websites transact online. In the 2014 alone, the average online…  Read more

SEO Strategy .jpg Is your website ready for Google’s algorithm updates in April? Google has made significant new changes to their search engine algorithms last year, so adapting your SEO strategy for this year is of vital importance. Despite the advent of social media lik…  Read more

Website Re-Design Tips Posted

Website ReDesign .jpgWould you like to re-design your website? If you have owned a website for quite some time you may decide to give it an overhaul and redesign it so it is more up to date, have a more modern look and is ranking higher on Google. If your website is not mobil…  Read more

How to Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes Posted

web design mistakes.jpgWe've all seen them, websites which are so confusing we can't figure out how to navigate around them. Our eyes are scanning an overcrowded page looking for that piece of information which was promised. How long do you give yourself before you close the... Read more

Google 2.jpgIs your website mobile friendly? Google often changes its algorithms and updates to ensure user friendly service for its web surfers. Now Google is releasing mobile friendly labels which will determine if the website is mobile friendly before even visitin…  Read more