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SEO Basics: Title Tag Posted

seo tips small business.jpgIf you run a website for your small business then congratulations you are already ahead of a third of UK business owners who still don't have a website. If you have used a website builder to create your site then we can be pretty certain that one... Read more

The 5 Point Website Health Checklist Posted

shutterstock_224800759.jpgPeople often make the assumption that design is simply how something looks. In reality, design is a much more complicated process involving integration of aesthetics and usability. Design is also highly subjective. What one person thinks look great... Read more

linkedin social media strategy.jpgYou may not have fully pursued LinkedIn, dismissing it as a fancier, less-fun version of Facebook. However LinkedIn can provide a great tool for your small business, and getting your head around it can add yet another axle to strengthening your... Read more

small business website.jpgIf you own a small business and fall into the category of not using the internet to improve your conversion or sales then keep reading as we examine some of the key findings from the report, de-bunk some of the myths surrounding websites and hopefully... Read more

Social Resume: The Alternative CV Posted

alternative cv resume.jpgAre you a freelance worker looking for a way to get your business noticed? A social resume could be the unique method you are looking for to market yourself online. Setting up a website might seem like an addition that you can't afford as a... Read more