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Psychology and Web Design Posted

ColourwheelPsychology can come in to play a lot more than you think when users are scrolling through your site. You can evoke feelings of excitement or relaxation depending on your demographic and industry you are marketing to. Using psychology is the easiest way Read more

Do What You Love Started a business and wondering how your competitors manage to get their websites onto that coveted first page of Google? Ranking highly for search terms such as ‘personal trainer + [your location]’ can greatly benefit your business by increasing your m…  Read more

Do You Really Need a Website? Posted

Kommand, Do You Really Need a Website?Does your business need a website? Whether you’re a freelance photographer, a caterer or a personal trainer, your business needs an online presence. How do you plan to grow and find new customers? We’ve looked at a few reasons why investing... Read more

How Important Is Responsive Design? Posted

shutterstock_360350465.jpgThere is no denying if you wish your business to be successful online, you need to have a mobile-optimised site, which you can easily build using Kommand’s platform.  Read more

shutterstock_328808282.jpgBefore going into how to pick a target market, the first thing to think about is whether you have a lovely, user-friendly website with the right voice for. Read more