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Why Google Penalizes your Website? Posted

Is your website being penalized by Google? Find out why. It may seem to some that Google intentionally penalises their website. But the truth is that there are valid reasons why Google does so. Some optimisation techniques are classified as forbidden or i…  Read more

mobile.jpgWith people being on the go nowadays, is it any wonder that mobile shopping is on the rise? The introduction of responsive web design has sort of propelled this mode of shopping. According to Google Shopping's product management director, Vineet Buch, mob…  Read more

Mobile Friendly Web Design The age of the mobile device is becoming predominant throughout the 21st century, with devices such as smartphones, androids and tablets being a commonality. From teenagers to pensioners, people everywhere are starting to become…  Read more

More than one billion people use social media these days, and for a good reason - not only do social networking platforms connect people, but they also represent a great opportunity for small, medium sized-companies and for multinational corporations alik…  Read more

Planning to Build a Website? Posted

If you have decided to build and launch your own website from scratch, without using the services of a professional web designer, then you surely know how challenging this task might be. While it is true that taking care of everything by yourself does hel…  Read more