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new website launch.jpgKommand provides the tools to create websites that can adapt to suit business' branding and needs from a variety of industries. Our professional themes offer an easy way to build, manage and promote your website. Better yet our websites are fully mobil... Read more

Online Shopping Bounce Rate.jpgAccording to recent research by a UK independent web research company, nearly 68% of consumers abandon their online shopping carts. This equates to only 1 in 4 finishing their check-out process and a lot of lost revenue for your eCommerce business... Read more

Mobilegeddon Aftermath.jpgWe recently wrote a blog article explaining Google’s latest update and the benefits of going mobile. Now that the dust has had time to settle it is easier to see the full impact of the update and how it will affect businesses long-term... Read more

New Features Available on Kommand Posted

Web Design Glasgow - Kommand.jpgKommand is a website building platform which was created to empower SME businesses to have an affordable and technologically advanced online presence. To keep up with industry requirements our team continually maintain and improve our service... Read more

How to Use Technology to Boost your SME Posted

Technology SME.jpgSMEs play important role in the UK’s economy, accounting for well over half of private sector employment. That being said, half of them still fail within five years due to a lack of forecast or planning. In order to ensure that their business does not... Read more