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How To Create An Effective Landing Page. Posted

shutterstock_289446929.jpgYou’ve got around eight seconds to impress the visitor before the person leaves the site. That’s why creating an effective landing page to earn more revenue or customers is truly important. Read more

blog.jpg It’s true that there are many advantages to working from your home but there is one big, common issue – it relates to staying motivated and being productive when working at home with so many distractions around in your home Read more

shutterstock_327528635.jpgHow to choose a domain name that is right for your business.We understand the most difficult part for starting up a business is creating an overall name or domain. This can be so challenging because many are already taken or because you want it to be crea…  Read more (1).jpgGet ahead of the Start-Up Game. We know most of these topics are all over the net, so here are OUR tips and tricks on things to do and things to avoid if you are starting up a new business - From concept to the business launch, be aware of possible busi…  Read more

blog cover for 4th kommand blog post.jpgKommand have created a small guide for start up businesses on how to master visuals, from what is the best software that is free to some great tips all on what to do and what not to do when it comes to content! Read more