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restaurant website builder.jpgNowadays it is now very unusual for a business not to have some sort of presence online. With improved connectivity and the advances in smartphone technologies most people now use the internet to source information, and having your business available... Read more

mailchimp.pngAt Kommand we like to keep up to date with any developments in APIs we integrate into our system. We recently got news of a new Mail Chimp feature we think our clients could benefit from - Product Recommendations - and wanted to pass the information on to Read more

New Websites Built On Kommand - May 2016 Posted

2.jpgHow is it nearly June? Another month has passed as as always, the Kommand team has been busy working on new websites. Today's blog is another round up of some websites recently launched on Kommand. If you haven't seen what Kommand can do, check out... Read more

website theme maintenance.jpgA website can be crucial to the success of any modern business; it is an enterprise’s online brand, attracts interest, helps sell services and products, and can even be used to reach out to a worldwide market. However, in order for the website to be effe Read more

turmeric latte trend UK.jpg15 years of rapid expansion and the UK's coffee shop sector remains one of the most successful in the economy, and is even set to continue, say experts. With thanks to artisan coffee shops and a backlash against instant coffee, cafes have become a... Read more