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shutterstock_302360264.jpgWhether you are just starting your business, or an experienced player in your field, if you don't use email marketing yet, you are seriously missing a trick. Not just from a digital marketing point of view, but from an analytical side too. The data... Read more

shutterstock_249975076.jpgToday's work environment is relaxed and easy going. One reason why companies are moving in this direction is that research that has established that such a relaxed work environment increases team morale by up to 53% and performance by up to 20%. This... Read more

Website Theme or Custom Designed Website? Posted

Are You Looking.jpgIf you currently run a small business, or wish to make the jump into self-employment in 2016, a website will be a key element to building your brand. Even if you are not planning to sell online, it is pretty much essential that your business has a... Read more

shutterstock_243798934.jpgUsing Google Analytics can seem overwhelmingly complicated. Today's post runs you three of the key areas you can use to analyse your website and find out your audience's online behaviour...  Read more

kommand christmas card.jpgWishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Kommand... Read more