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5></p><p>Ways to Improve Your Small Business Website.jpgFor those business owners who run a brick-and-mortar shop it is easy to monitor how well your business is performing. Footfall and product positioning can be easily noted and adjusted by eye. You will have a better chance of asking customers about... Read more

shutterstock_98998358.jpgHave you set up your online store but are not getting any sales? Regardless of how appealing your products are, or how smooth the navigation is from selecting a product, purchasing and then paying for it, if your website lacks the traffic to begin... Read more

New Websites Built On Kommand Posted

2.jpgAnother round up of recent websites launched on Kommand. From construction to ladies' wigs, our templates can be adapted to suit a wide range of businesses from a variety of businesses. View some of our recent launches in this post... Read more

free images to use on your website.jpg"An image speaks a thousand words." So the saying goes, and quite rightly so. Images online have proven time and time again to be effective at engaging potential customers with a recent statistic stating "coloured visuals increase people's willingness... Read more

shutterstock_226476436.jpgIf you are thinking about giving up your day job, or running a business on the side, an online store is a perfect way to sell products without needing to pay for premises. But what should you consider before you become an Ecommerce entrepreneur? Read more